AAPA Foundation Scholarships help Metro Atlanta women realize their academic potential.

Learn more from some of our recipients over the years.

“Receiving the generous scholarship took some of the stress about the cost of tuition and sorority dues off my shoulders. This helped me to enjoy my semester, my sorority experiences, and my other extracurricular activities even more!”

Laura O.

“My scholarship allowed me to be able to join any sorority I wanted to and not have to be worried about the various dues for the different sororities. I was able to find my perfect fit based on core values and personality instead of having to worry about external factors such as payments. I love my sorority and I am so glad I was able to become a sister here with friendships that will last forever!”

Alix N.

“The AAPA scholarship freed myself from the financial burden of having to pay for some of my tuition this academic year, giving myself the ability to save for my upcoming unpaid internship. I’ll be interning at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta next fall, and I am able to support myself through this once in a lifetime opportunity because I’ve had a year to save. Because of AAPA’s graciousness, I am graduating debt free!”

Lizzie D.

“The AAPA scholarship has helped me achieve my academic goals. It has given me confidence and stability to study at an amazing university. I am so grateful for the AAPA Foundation”.

Catherine B.

“Having the APPA scholarships to put towards tuition and books gave me the freedom to join not just a sorority but a music and a theatre group as well. The APPA scholarships gave me a tangible reminder of the lifelong supportive community I was about to join as I prepared for recruitment.”

Sabrina E.

“Being selected as a scholarship recipient allowed me to see and experience the support and sisterhood that sororities provide. It also showed me the wonderful things that women are doing in and around their communities. As of yet, I haven’t experienced all of the benefits a sorority can bring since my university participates in deferred recruitment in January. I am very much looking forward to becoming a part of one of the wonderful philanthropic organizations.”

Lexi S.